Lindsey here. I’m an entrepreneur, certified coach, speaker, resume writer, and top 100 global #IamRemarkable Google trainer. 

Most importantly, I teach women how to promote their skills and strengths and advocate for themselves at work – guilt-free. 

You see, I wasn’t always confident. I used to wait to get noticed for my hard work, thinking surely someone would recognize my efforts. (Sound familiar?) Then I realized no one was handing me a pay raise or a promotion for a job well done. I had to learn how to position and promote myself for success. 

For me, success meant leaving the non-profit world after 10 years to become an entrepreneur in my late 20s. Over time, I built a career that allows me to live wherever I choose. (Currently, Durham, NC.) Success meant learning to manage money to live 100% debt-free so I could work only 10 months out of the year. The other time? I get to garden, travel with my guy Colin and our Aussiedoodle Remy, and play with power tools. 

Did this happen over night? Oh heck no. It took me hiring my own coach, getting clear on what mattered most to me, and rewiring my brain to work with me – not against me.

Maybe your version of success is landing a job in a new industry, getting a promotion at work, negotiating for more paid leave, or finally getting over your fear of money. 

In my coaching career I’ve worked with 100+ clients to get clarity on their goals, gain confidence in their abilities, and position themselves to ask for what they want so they can build their own version of success.

How can I help you?

Build your professional credibility to get your next promotion, raise, or job with my signature course Promote Yourself Professionally.

Need help crafting an eye-catching resume? I write resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other career marketing copy.

Attend one of my #IamRemarkable workshops, which empower women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements (I’m a Top 100 Global #IamRemarkable Facilitator!)

If you’re curious about gender equity, I co-founded the Genclusive – a consultancy program to help leaders treat gender equity like the business priority it is.

Jumpstart your own money conversations with my podcast mini-series Money Date Night.

Hire me to speak! Topics I like to speak about include: salary and rate negotiation, imposter syndrome, amplifying your presence at work, gender and workplace culture, freelancing, and entrepreneurship.


More about me…

What I know: Action creates motivation (not the other way around).

I love to laugh and make others laugh. Laughing is the best.

I believe in the power of small deliberate choices, eating the frog, good socks, and paying it forward.

Anyone can learn to manage their money. It's our key to living how we want to live.

Surround yourself with people who think differently than you and you'll learn something.

Women are the strongest people I know.

I'm constantly reading: Mr. Money Mustache, My Fab Finance, GRANTED, HBR, The Minimalists.

My CliftonStrengths™ are: Activator, Discipline, Learner, Futuristic, and Relator.

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