Resume got you down?

Let me help bring out your best.

“I was absolutely dreading updating my resume and struggling to articulate not only my experience and my skills, but also who I am and how I work. Lindsey delivered a resume I’m proud of. It captures ‘me’ perfectly and professionally!”

Liz Sortino

Resume Writing + Career Marketing Services

Ghostwriter Collaborative Resume:

With this service, I’m your ghostwriter. I design a resume layout and write on your behalf, gaining your input throughout. Think of it this way: 85% of the resume rework is my effort, with you taking it the rest of the way with content editing (ensuring accuracy and that your voice resonates throughout).

This resume will help you get past computer pre-screening systems with a keyword-rich, expertly written, attention-grabbing resume. Once in front of a real human being, your resume will represent the very best you have to offer.

As your resume architect, I will:

  • Send you a resume questionnaire to gain your insight on a list of powerful questions that will bring out experiences you may have missed or not clearly articulated in the past.
  • Write a powerful resume based on your questionnaire responses and current resume; creating a targeted, accomplishment-focused document that truly brings out your value.
  • Work closely with you to ensure your voice resonates throughout the document.
  • Ensure that the resume is tight, clean, and sharp – visually appealing and SEO keyword rich to gain attention in the virtual world.
  • Deliver a first rough draft of resume within 7 business days from the starting point of the resume revision. All revisions will occur via email.
  • This proposal includes a total of 3 rounds of revisions. Additional revision rounds will be charged at $75 per round. (Most likely, we will only need two rounds!)
  • E-mail delivery of final resume in Word format, as well as PDF (plain text formats on request).

Resume Review:

If you are looking for some constructive feedback and actionable suggestions for improving your resume, and are willing to do the writing, a resume review can guide you in making the necessary changes to start seeing much better results. Delivered as a written report, I provide:

  • line-by-line in-depth analysis and suggestions on key areas, including design and presentation, formatting and layout, language, and content.
  • You also receive at least 3 resume examples to illustrate new opportunities for language and formatting.
  • This service includes 1 review round. Additional edits are $75/round.

LinkedIn Profile Makeover:

With this service, I write your LinkedIn profile for you, optimizing your LinkedIn profile to turn it into a powerful marketing and networking tool. This is the place to showcase your amazing skills, add value to your audience, and market yourself as someone who deserves to be noticed. Because you do! 

You have two options: I can either log into your LinkedIn account and do everything for you – OR – I can draft everything in a shared Google Doc and you update on your own.

Here’s what I’ll provide:

  • A catchy headline and a compelling profile summary with a call-to-action.
  • Creation of a LinkedIn banner
  • Achievement-oriented and keyword-rich position description summaries (including volunteer experience).
  • Recommendations on Skills & Endorsements. This is where keywords come in handy.
  • Email delivery of a viable rough draft within agreed upon timeline. This includes a total of 2 rounds of revisions.
  • Advice on first steps towards drawing a new audience to your profile (hint: it’s going to include writing a LinkedIn article!)
  • Additional edits are $75/round.

Professional Bio:

If thinking about writing your professional bio makes you want to run the other way, this option is for you. There are many different reasons for needing a career bio. Have a speaking gig coming up? Need a blurb for a conference website? Your “About” page on your website? Having a concise attention-getting professional bio is essential to telling your career story and marketing yourself and your skills. 

Speaking & Storytelling Coach, Colin Ryan, will:

  • Review your current resume, C.V., or bio in order to gather insights on your unique expertise in order to create a long-form and short-form memorable, targeted, and accomplishment-focused bio.
  • Provide you a story-capturing questionnaire for you to further reflect on.
  • Conduct a 50-minute interview with you to gain details of your accomplishments and perspective on your goals.
  • Work his magic to write 2 first draft bios. One can be used for longer-form content like an About page. The other will be more concise, for use on LinkedIn, speaker pages, etc.) The drafts will be delivered in accordance with a timeline agreed upon.
  • This includes 1 round of revisions. Additional revision rounds will be charged at $75 per round. (Most likely, we will only need 1 round)
  • E-mail delivery of final bio in Word format, as well as PDF (plain text formats on request).