Do you have a year-end review practice?



I’ve been on a long pause over the holidays, spending as much time as we can with friends and family. The hubs and I are making our way to North Carolina where we’ll snowbird and work virtually over the next 3 months. #nosnowforus A giant perk for location-free businesses…fulfilling our wanderlust. I’m always happy to talk more about how we did it. And if you have recommendations for the Raleigh/Chapel Hill area, I’m all ears!

The end of the year can bring up all kinds of feelings. As a Futurist, I can easily fly past any successes I’ve had, believing I came up short. My biz coach just gave me an incredible acronym for this – PDAG which stands for Personal/Professional Development Awareness Guilt​. Pretty self-explanatory. We start the year with elevated expectations for ourselves – with zero system to support new learning and habits. We continue to acquire more advice instead of trusting ourselves to take action on the things we care about (aka FOTA = Fear of Taking Action). And…any successes we do have, we label as “not good enough” instead of using them as fuel to keep showing up for ourselves.

So instead of falling into FOTA and PDAG… what if we decide to tell our 2019 story a little differently? I decided to tell mine through photos of some of my favorite memories. I hope it inspires you to do the same! 


Lindsey's 2019 Review in Photos

Here’s how I did it: Each block is a month of the year. I used the free tool, created a custom design 600px x 600px, went to “Elements” – and chose this 3×4 grid. And then the fun part… I chose a picture representing something that put a smile on my face each month. Here’s what each month stands for:

January: Hanging out with elephants in Thailand (✔️bucket list)

February: Seeing the Great Wall of China (✔️bucket list)

March: Trying out tiny house living in FL (186 sq. feet!)

April: Kicking off year 4 of the Business Peer Exchange to create gender equitable workplaces

May: Launched our Money Date Night e-course for couples (bringing this back in 2020!)

June: Took the main stage to talk about closing the gender pay gap in non-profits

July: Faced my fear and took an improv comedy class (✔️bucket list)

August: Opened our hearts to a new rescue pup and also made the heartbreaking decision to re-home him 🙁

September: Construction project fun… expanded our Airbnb rental

October: Lots of $$$ negotiation workshops & increased pay for clients (a main theme throughout 2019)

November: Found my tribe at Ladies Get Paid event in NYC. And of course all the #equalpay press! (you can buy your jersey at

December: Getting my creativity on through air plant clay gifts ​🍩​🌿​


See how helpful it is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture?


Now over to you! You’ve faced some huge challenges! If we’ve coached together, I know you’ve…

…asked for more money (and got it)

…relocated across the world without the support of your family

…positioned yourself for a promotion (and got it)

…designed leave plans that work for you and your families

…started that business you were very nervous to start

…found your dream job (after MANY applications and interviews)

…saved and took your bucket list trip

…got your financial house in order

…called out gender inequities at work

…took your business from start-up to growth

…worked on your money mindset

…got yourself out of a toxic relationship

…finally believe you deserve more and have asked for it

What an incredible list! I’m so very proud of you. And remember, we all start out as beginners. This was my beginner’s list from 2018.


With love,

Let’s talk about the possibilities for 2020! I have a few open times to strategize a plan! Find a time here.