In many ways,

I was my first

coaching client.

Hey 👋! I’m Lindsey! Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a bit about me…

My early years showed me what I didn’t want for my life. I had very little confidence. I was good at school (aka: I followed the rules), but it wasn’t until my 20s and finding myself in a job that had me living for the weekend, that I realized no one was going to hand me the life that I wanted – I had to be brave (not perfect) and create it for myself.

I’ve built a career that allows me to live wherever I choose. Currently that is Durham, NC. I’ve learned the skills to live 100% debt-free. And because I learned how to manage my money well, I work 10 months out of the year doing work I love.

Did this happen over night? Oh heck no. It took me hiring my own coach, getting clear on what mattered most to me, and rewiring my brain to work with me – not against me.

If you speak CliftonStrengths,™ my top 5 are: Activator, Discipline, Learner, Futuristic, and Relator. To translate: I’m the first one ready to go. I am the queen of follow-through. Learning is life. I’m a planner. And I get you.

I co-founded the Genclusive – a consultancy program to help leaders treat gender equity like the business priority it is. 

I train people in the art of salary negotiation and self-promotion.  I’m a Top 100 Global #IamRemarkable Facilitator.

I created a podcast called Money Date Night.

I’m an ICF Certified Executive Coach and earned an MBA in Organizational Development from Clarkson University. (I believe each of us is a business, even if we’re not “entrepreneurs.”)

I graduated from Leadership Champlain in 2010 and have been recognized as a Rising Star (40 under 40) by Vermont Business Magazine.

Topics I like to speak about include: salary and rate negotiation, imposter syndrome, amplifying your presence at work, gender and workplace culture, freelancing, and entrepreneurship

My loves are: gardening, playing with power tools, planning travel adventures, and hanging with my guy Colin and our Aussiedoodle Remy.


My Values & Beliefs

Action creates motivation.

I approach life with humor and abundance.

I believe in the power of small deliberate choices, eating the frog, good socks, and paying it forward.

Anyone can learn to manage their money. I promise.

I surround myself with people who think differently than me.

Laughter is medicine. So is moving my body. And getting off the computer.

I have experienced firsthand that empowered women go on to empower women.

I'm constantly reading: Mr. Money Mustache, My Fab Finance, GRANTED, HBR, The Minimalists.

My CliftonStrengths™ are: Activator, Discipline, Learner, Futuristic, and Relator.