“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.”

Audre Lorde

Anti-racism starts on the inside and works it’s way out.

I believe Black Lives Matter. I stand for LGBTQIA+ rights.

I am actively investing in and working to build an inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist world from the inside out.

As an white-identifying woman raised in the white feminist movement, I am committed to an intersectional approach to my work, one that acknowledges my own biases and whenever possible centers the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC).

I will not run away from hard conversations.

I will go beyond “do no harm.”

Favorite Resources:

6 Action Items for White People in the Workplace & Beyond by Amanda Gelender

What can white people here do to support people of color?


No, I Won’t Stop Saying “White Supremacy” by Robin Diangelo

White people like me should use the term because it shifts the race problem to us, where it belongs.

Antiracism Resources by Vanessa Soleil, M.Ed.

Unlearning white supremacy, learning antiracism, centering Black voices, and taking action.

How Black Women Describe Navigating Race and Gender in the Workplace by Maura Cheeks

For black women it’s not just a pipeline issue. Once they are in the door, they need to feel supported in ways that are specific to being a woman of color. So that even if they are alone on their team, they will realize they’re not alone at all.”

Genclusive is a consultancy built by myself and Jessica Nordhaus to help business leaders dive into their biases, systems and structures of inequity, and do something about them!

Our signature program – Genclusive@Work is a 6 month commitment that includes our online curriculum and 2 hour virtual exchanges designed to deepen learning, support best practices, and give you a community of accountability. Try out out our free GUEST PASS here.

Learn more at genclusive.com/exchange. You’ll see the list of companies that have already participated!

“I am preparing and thinking about all of my day to day conversations in a different lens, I am trying to integrate pieces of our discussion into conversations so others can be aware too.”

Ariana Wammer

HR Business Partner, Burton Snowboards

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