Avoidance to Action: What’s going to move you forward?

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Hey! Come hang out with me on Zoom for an hour. 

I’m taking you from AVOIDANCE to ACTION.

Yup in one hour. That’s my goal.

This isn’t an hour of me talking…it’s a working session. 

I’m getting you out of your head and taking you through a decision-making process I use with my clients who are stuck and fearful that they:

– will “do it wrong.”

– don’t have the “right” goal.

– will look stupid.

Sound familiar?

My ultimate goal is for you to walk away feeling lighter – and most importantly – with a next step. 

I’ll have you do some writing, so you’ll want to have a computer or journal accessible. And you’ll get an opportunity for group coaching (with me!)

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What attendees are saying:

If you can get in on this, DO IT! It’ll get you to think about what’s really holding you up.

Within minutes, I felt more motivated than I have in a long time!

SO helpful to hear from others. and helpful to commit to an action by writing it down!

It is beneficial to do this in “real time.” Makes it feel like ideas stretch beyond the boundaries of my home office.

Can’t believe how much better I feel after 20 minutes!


Didn’t realize how stuck I was. Now feeling like I see the path forward.

What a gift.