Before you set your 2020 goals – ask yourself these questions.


Truth: we all have the same 168 hours in a week.

If you’re finding your time is already jammed packed and you’re making grand plans for 2020… well, you see the rub. Magically finding more time to make those dreams happen… hmm….


To be clear – I fall into this, too. The unmet goals I have linger and I berate myself for not getting to them.

Especially since everything feels like a p r i o r i t y. And then I add new stuff I want to do because they’re waaaay more fun to think about. I’m not reminded of where I fell short. The future is shiny and full of hope!

Yes, hope is great (and a form of planning…Gloria gets it —>). But to make sure I don’t fall into this trap yet again, I have some specific questions I’m asking about my 2019 list before I get into 2020 goal design. Ultimately I want only things that truly will make a difference in the quality of my life. If that sounds good to you, I encourage you to dig into the following…


  1. What are the unmet goals/plans still left on my list in 2019?
  2. Why are these still on my list?
  3. If I had more of ________ (time, money, motivation, etc.), would I honestly put it towards each of these things? Look at each one and ask…why or why not?
  4. What on your list can you compassionately let go of? 
  5. What on your list do you care deeply enough about that it gets to roll over in 2020?


I created this google doc worksheet so you can go through yours. (You’ll be prompted to make your own copy.)


Hey – did you notice how I used the word “compassionately”? Yeah…that was intentional.

Nothing makes me less motivated than being a complete jerk to myself. My mantra around this is: “You thought it was important at the time and it no longer is. It’s really okay to let it go.”

The questions above are designed to help you get clear on what is MOST important. That way you can make the distinction between:

the goals you really want to commit to in 2020 (and will set aside the time to work on)


the goals that are there because you don’t want to miss out. Or they sounded good at the time. Or they came from the latest and greatest pep talk from so and so.


Making this distinction can help you put down the unnecessary guilt you’re carrying around that is clogging up your precious mental and emotional space.

Let me ask you this…what would happen if your 2020 list only had things YOU cared most deeply about? 


Would that change your motivation to block 10-30-60-90 minutes to work on it each day? Week?

Would that inspire you to get an accountability buddy or hire a coach to support you?

Would it prompt you to be kind to yourself as you take baby steps?



Want to make sure you do this reflection?

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