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What to look for in a coach +

how to know you’re ready to invest in one

Market it, then make it.

I’m sharing the biggest mistake my entrepreneur clients make and the very first steps to marketing yourself online without investing a lot of time.

The 3 Numbers You Need to be a Master Negotiator

Talking about money doesn’t have to make you want to run in the other direction. I promise!
If you’ve attended one of my negotiation workshops, you know I’m all about these 3 numbers – target, bolstering range, and resistance point. How do you come up with these numbers? I walk you through it.

Embracing Beginner’s Mind

How does one embrace Beginner’s Mind? I’m revealing a humbling and profound “beginner’s mind” moment I had over the holidays and why it’s an important feeling to practice.

How I became a Coach

How does one become a Coach? I’m sharing the full story of how I went from a non-profit director to a business owner and Negotiation Coach. Psst…it starts with me hiring a Coach!