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A Negotiation Coach Walks into a Car Dealership

My Lessons Learned

Market it, then make it.

I’m sharing the biggest mistake my entrepreneur clients make and the very first steps to marketing yourself online without investing a lot of time.

The 3 Numbers You Need to be a Master Negotiator

Talking about money doesn’t have to make you want to run in the other direction. I promise!
If you’ve attended one of my negotiation workshops, you know I’m all about these 3 numbers – target, bolstering range, and resistance point. How do you come up with these numbers? I walk you through it.

Embracing Beginner’s Mind

How does one embrace Beginner’s Mind? I’m revealing a humbling and profound “beginner’s mind” moment I had over the holidays and why it’s an important feeling to practice.

How I became a Coach

How does one become a Coach? I’m sharing the full story of how I went from a non-profit director to a business owner and Negotiation Coach. Psst…it starts with me hiring a Coach!

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