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How we can work together:

75 Minute Intensive: A laser-focused strategy session to get clear on how to approach a specific situation, challenge, or goal.

Great for: outlining a timeline and plan, strategizing an upcoming negotiation, determining service rates, navigating a tricky situation at work.

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Individualized Coaching: I offer virtual deep-dive support and unlimited email support in-between.This experience is highly personal and customized to what you’re bringing to each session. I work with a select number of clients at a time.

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Group Coaching: Promote Yourself Professionally is my virtual course for women who know they need to build consistent self-promotion skills to get to the next level and are ready (enough) to face their fear of being visible.

You can buy the course only – OR – add on 3 months of weekly live coaching, community, and accountability.

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Resume Services: I can write your resume for you OR give you an actionable review of your current resume.

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Virtual Co-Working: I call these “hunker sessions” – this is where we co-work for 2 hour productivity sessions on Zoom.  write your resume for you OR give you an actionable review of your current resume.

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Accountability Services: We can create a roadmap of your next 30 days based around your goal or project.

You can also hire me to be your accountability buddy. I offer check-ins so you can outline milestones and have extra accountability built into your process.

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I knew I needed someone on my team during the early stages of my start up. I needed an outside voice to help me pull together the huge amount of work I had to do. Lindsey gave me structure and focus during a time that felt difficult to breakdown my workload into sizable portions. It’s fun and energizing to talk to someone who is as excited about your company and mission as you are. That energy and momuntum carried me through a difficult period in launching my business.

Emily P.

Founder, Glow Workwear

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