Four Time-Efficient Examples of LinkedIn Self-Promotion I hope you try!

Want to capitalize on all of that pandemic screentime you’re putting in?

I took a look around to see who is upping their self-promotion game on LinkedIn and found these four examples I hope you try. These apply to entrepreneurs and employees alike.

#1: A “remember when” post. This is a time-efficient way to repurpose content you’ve already written AND show how awesome you’ve always been. (mic drop)

LinkedIn post

#2: A “thank you for inviting me” post whenever you’re asked to contribute to an event and/or a larger conversation. Extra points for Ana for taking the time to tag the host organization and others involved.

Anna Perez LinkedIn post

NOTE: If you didn’t lead the convo, don’t worry. You can still use this strategy by giving a review of the event and thanking and tagging the hosts. (Screenshots of the screen can make interesting photos like my example below.) This is a great way to amplify event organizers you know and respect. They may even use your review of the event on their social media (Double promotion!) 🌈🌈


Lindsey Lathrop LinkedIn post

#3 – A first time LinkedIn article post. This one requires some time because you’d need to write an article. That said, one of the things I love about Dara’s article is how short it is. She also chose a universally relatable topic… enthusiasm! Since she’s job searching right now, this is a way for her to show recruiters she’s a positive team contributor.

Oh and I found Dara’s post on the Ladies Get Paid Slack group. Repurposing content across channels = working smarter, not harder.​

Dara Ely's Linked In post

#4 – A “celebrate with me!” post. Because who doesn’t like to celebrate?!

Neha Tarey LinkedIn post

I know how much you like seeing specific examples and I have more to share with you. Like… how to self-promote in a webinar chat without being weird or looking like you’re trying to take over. 😉  More on that soon…


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