Are you living pep talk to pep talk?

You’re about to read one heck of an ironic post right now. You know I’m all about the pep talks! These notes are meant to help you kick it into high gear, afterall. But what happens when you find yourself stuck without the nudge? 

This is what I call living pep talk to pep talk. You wait until you’re absolutely confident to take any kind of action. You try to get motivated over and over again, going back to Google, your favorite blogs, and podcasts. (For my people out there with Input as one of their Top 5 CliftonStrengths™, you know what I’m talking about!) 

You have a deep belief that [insert source] knows better than you. 

I’m not knocking information or listening to something inspirational, but if you’re only consuming and not doing anything with what you already have, then what is the point? Our brain begs to differ. New research shows we get a dopamine hit when we’re in avoidance.

So knowing this, an idea I’ve been personally trying to practice is: 


“I don’t get the pleasure of more information until I act on the information I already have.”

Because on the other side of that dopamine is also the feeling of overwhelm (tight chest, anyone?) Our addiction to information comfortably allows us to bypass the possibility of: 

  • Failure 
  • Rejection
  • Wasting time 
  • Looking stupid
  • Attention it may bring 

And… also making things that actually matter to us happen – like say, our dreams. 


Google will always be waiting for you. Let’s agree you probably have enough information to get started. And now it’s really taking that first step.

 Which is why I’m excited to share I have some new accountability offerings for all you FOTA followers out there (FOTA = Fear Of Taking Action). My goal is to help you get started with whatever it is you’ve been putting off. Here’s what I’m offering right now:

  • 30 Day Roadmap Strategy Session – a 50 min. session to outline your next 30 days of work (We’re on Zoom using a planning template I’ve created and you walk away with your 30 day roadmap deliverable)
  • Accountability check-ins by text and/or email. This isn’t coaching. It’s knowing someone is going to check in with you about whatever it is you want to have done. You send me dates / times and what you want me to check-in with you about and I text and/or email you to see if you’ve done it)
  • Hunker Sessions – where you can co-work virtually with me for 2 hours per session (great for something you really need to “hunker down and get done” (you can buy a single session, 3 sessions, or 5 sessions at a time for more accountability)
  • 1:1 Coaching – personalized coaching over a 3 month period, tailored to fit where you’re at 

 Our fear will always be loudest when we’re about to start.


Let’s do it anyway!