People who speak up are more visible and therefore more likely to stick in people’s minds. They are more likely to get asked to take on additional responsibilities, and more likely to be thought of for promotions.

Want people to take notice of you? Be noticeable. #thisisnotrocketscience

How do you do this without feeling like you’re begging people to pay attention to you? 

Here are some ideas:

  • The next time you’re in a meeting and you have an idea to share – raise your hand and speak up. (Remember, you have expertise!)
  • If speaking up on the fly feels too scary, prep something to say before your next meeting. You could also tell your amplificiation buddy about it to create external accountability for yourself.
  • If you’re part of a team, volunteer to present on the team’s behalf the next time you’re asked for a report out on progress.
  • Offer to lead a lunch-and-learn, a workshop, training, etc.
  • If your work uses Slack, challenge yourself to be more active on there. (Baby step: provide emoji support to others. 👍 )
  • Apply to speak at a conference. Events (especially local ones) are always looking for speakers. If speaking alone sounds like too much too soon, apply to be a panelist or panel moderator. (If this is an area in which you want to grow, I recommend getting in touch with Colin Ryan. He can coach you just like he coached me.)

If you’re someone who’d rather hide behind the nearest plant than speak up, consider this your invite to take a step toward showing up. I’m not asking you to become someone you’re not. Speaking up is a skill you can learn and become comfortable with over time, just like all of the other things I’ve been talking about on here. I know you have something to contribute. Now’s the time to share it.