As a negotiation coach, I see many clients fall into the trap of assuming their supervisor knows they want a promotion (or raise, or new benefits, or whatever). When you’re really hoping for something, it’s easy to assume people around you know about it – but don’t fall into this trap!

Everyone else has lots of stuff going on (just like you) and they aren’t thinking about your career as much as you are.

So, it’s up to you to let them know what you want.

First – say what you want. The only way to ensure they know what you want is to spell it out for them! Then, ask what you can do to get there. You can also…

  • CC them on emails showcasing your work, accomplishments you’ve had, or stellar compliments you’ve received. I recommend being strategic in how you share these; you could compile the best of the best in a single email to avoid clogging their inbox.

  • Take the initiative and ask to meet monthly to review your key metrics. (You set the agenda!)

  • If you are looking to take on responsibilities your supervisor currently holds, ask if you can see them in action to learn from them. This worked well for a friend of mine. She knew her supervisor had a high stakes call and she asked to listen in. After, her manager debriefed with her and even asked for her feedback as a peer. Asking to shadow her manager led to her manager thinking of her in a new, elevated light!

If you’ve been following along this whole series, congrats! If you’ve missed any posts, go back to see how to showcase your expertise, why you need an amplification buddy, and how to be more visible.

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