LinkedIn Profile Makeover

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Looking for some constructive feedback and actionable suggestions to optimize your LinkedIn profile and turn it into a powerful marketing and networking tool? I guide you how to showcase your amazing skills, add value to your audience, and market yourself as someone who deserves to be noticed. Because you do!

Delivered as a written report, I provide in-depth analysis and suggestions on several key areas, including headline, summary, position descriptions, skills & endorsements, formatting and layout, and content. You will also receive 3 suggestions for writing topics so you can begin publishing your very own LinkedIn articles and be see as the thought leader you are!

Here’s what I’ll provide

  • A catchy headline and a compelling profile summary with a call-to-action.
  • Achievement-oriented and keyword-rich position description summaries (including volunteer experience).
  • Recommendations on Skills & Endorsements. This is where keywords come in handy.
  • Email delivery of a viable rough draft within agreed upon timeline. This includes a total of 2 rounds of revisions.
  • Advice on first steps towards drawing a new audience to your profile (hint: it’s going to include writing a LinkedIn article!)