I believe in working smarter, not harder.

Knowing you’re making the most out of your career is what lights my fire.  Not only from a financial perspective (yes, I want you to make that money), but from a joy perspective too.

So I got to work and I’ve come up with a few programs to help you up your career advancement game and market your existing skills. (No, you don’t need another degree.)

I don’t want you to work harder, I want you to work smarter. That starts with your visibility: making sure people know about your accomplishments, what your career intentions are, and how they can stay connected with you.

Your Profitable LinkedIn Profile

Your Profitable LinkedIn Profile is my walk-through training on how to craft your LinkedIn profile into a marketing piece you’ll feel proud of; one that will get the attention you’re looking for.

Money Date Night

Money Date Night is a program I developed with my husband, Colin Ryan, that teaches you and your partner how to have stress-free money conversations. Over 6 weeks, you will learn exactly how to START and ENGAGE in these conversations – without the drama. We give you our personal roadmap for getting to a deeper vision for your life – the ultimate motivation for household financial management!

Promote Yourself Professionally (PYP)

Promote Yourself Professionally is my 3-month group coaching program for women who know they need to build consistent self-promotion skills to get to the next level and are ready (enough) to face their fear of being visible.

This program includes 1:1 coaching, weekly Q&A support, community, accountability, content creation, and strategy.

Pay Equity Exchange (PayEQ)

The Pay Equity Exchange (PayEQ) is a program for your business (or your employer) to gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to examine their pay systems and to design strategies for achieving and maintaining gender and racial equity. It’s for small to mid-size companies (less than 400 employees).

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