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I’m Lindsey Lathrop and I’m a Money and Negotiation Coach. Every day I help women own their worth and get their financial houses in order. It’s time to stop negotiating against yourself and start living the life you want. Let me show you how.




Strategize your next salary, business rate, benefits package, promotion, or family leave request  


Get clear on your vision for your business-whether it’s an idea, a side hustle or your full-time gig-and put together a roadmap to make it a reality


Create your custom ‘no sweat’ financial plan so you feel in control of your money, time, and choices

Professional Development

Take your career to the next level by identifying areas for professional growth and creating an action plan that excites and elevates you

“I went from being a person who could not give a direct answer or make real eye contact to someone who is routinely having hard conversations with the people in my life. The kind that are moving me toward the life I really want.”


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Coaching will get you there faster.

Coaching with me is like having an accountability buddy in your pocket. I'm your confidant and sounding board, providing an objective judgment-free perspective. You can try to do this on your own - or - get the support and take the "kinder and faster" route. While I don't do the work for you, you'll always know what you're supposed to be working on and why. 

Working with Lindsey is a burst of encouragement and insight. I sought out her coaching services on the recommendation of a friend, and it was a great investment in myself. Lindsey helped me to ask the tough and important questions and sort through the steps necessary for a clear call to action. I was impressed by her warmth and positivity as well as active listening skills. It is evident that she loves this work and wants to see her clients thrive.

Jennifer B.

What my clients are saying...

"Lindsey is great at asking probing questions to get at the heart of what's holding you back."

"Lindsey gave me structure and focus during a time that felt difficult to breakdown my workload into sizable portions!"

"It's fun and energizing to talk to someone who is as excited about your company and mission as you are!"

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